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Relation to the Congress on the diabetic foot to Barcelona

On September 18 and 19 it has held Sitges the 4° multidisciplinary congress of the diabetic foot. For who not knew it Sitges is a known place in shore by the sea to 30 km of Barcelona  .It  has been chosen for its notoriety and perches there is a prestigious hotel with congressional prestigious salt. and this because such Congress is a national event with international participation.

The chairmen were medical prestigious that they deals of the diabetic foot in Spagna and to the Canarie that in Germany, England and US.

From  Italy were present the Dr GIacomo Clerici from Sesto San Govanni and the Dr Albert  from Pisa. Prestigious names that have not be necessary some of presentation. You can have elucidations on such honor chairmen on the site

There was another physician by Italy, surely more modest and it were the Dr Madeyski Paolo from San Donà di Piave

Relations were Spanish, Italian, German and English. Subtitles there was: El Pie diabetico en Espana: future y present

I cannot cite instead all Spanish chairmen because they were many  of prestige but it would  take away space to the conclusion of the congress, but it deserves a particular mention and  I must cite him  because has represented the MPSYSTEM. This is  Dr Francis Diaz Cabreras that works at the university of Santa Cruz; he directs the medical structures connect and it is also oncologist by name.

The Dr Diaz Cabreras directs the scientific work that treat the difficult ulcers and the diabetic foot in the Canarie with the ULCOSAN.

The day 19 at 11,30 it has been to hold a minisimposio on the protocols and on the therapy with oxygen normobaric  that it had the title of ” Tratamiemento from ulceras las with local normobarica camara from Madeyski “. It has illustrated the matter with of slides in Spanish bringing the survey of the Casa di Cura Rizzola of San Donà di Piave  and speaking of its experience to the Canarie. The relation has been performed by the Dr Diaz Cabrera because he follows the works to the Canerie and because  Dr Madeyski has had difficulty to make a report in Spanish and were not correct and polite to do it in English with the simultaneous translation.

The relation has been exhaustive and has aroused the attention of the stage and a long applause. In the end it was followed by a break coffee and the demonstration is  that  the MPSYSTEM stand to tables of coffee break there was  a particular interest. Can say, and the films confirm it, that the MPSYSTEM stand has been the more visited between whiles from break coffee and of lunch in the two days of the congress. and not only by medical spanish  but also from  other countries and from distributors of medical devices that asked to collaborate. The more beautiful sentence for us is was  a Spanish Doctor  said openly to the stand ” Ulcosan is ” estrella” in this congress” and that was the best  comments for us

The preceding congress on this matter had been held in 2007 to Toledo. This year the results and the experiences of physicians are wanted to compare on such pathology in Esapana with other international groups by showing the results of both types of groups . The groups t were to look for to unify the protocols of diagnosis, and of therapy with a global more possible vision.

Relations have been manifold but I wish I were there to cite some magistral conferences that have struck all we present.

The Dr Javier Aragon Sanchez, Chairman of the congress, has been fondamental in the magistral relation: Anatomy of the infection in the diabetic foot that highlighted the motivations and the risks of amputations because of  the greater and  not known well such anatomy. Now we be looking for to amputate to the minimum and such appointment it be realized with the optimal knowledge of the anatomy of the foot and of the anatomical possibilities to diffuse the infection.

Exact and exhaustive relation by the great the Dr Giacomo Clerici’ experience on the ” dermatic substitutes in problems of the diabetic foot

Magistral conference of relief on the other hand Italian guest Dr Alberto Piaggesi  and he has spoken of the results and of the evaluation of the multidisciplinary team that trade the neuroischemic foot

The interest of our of therapy was great and we are  been called to expose some cases of lesions to the diabetic foot in in the afternoon of the conclusive day. The relation has been done with any slides from the Dr Francis Diaz Cabrera together with the Dr Madeyski that has specified results he got  in English.

The meeting has been important, useful to all and it great  satisfaction for us of the MPSYSTEM.

Thanks to the work also of the Dr Lucio Marrone that together with the Dr Francis Diaz Cabrera has put to point the organization by the MPSYSTEM to such conference