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MP System S.R.L.
Address: Via Carozzani, 94 – 30027 San Donà di Piave (VE) – Italy
Telephone / Fax: +39 0421 44222
E-mail: info@mpsystem.info
President: Dott. Paolo Madeyski


Scientific consulence:
Dr. Paolo Madeyski, Chairman, Department of Surgery at the Nursing Home “Rizzola” of San Dona di Piave (VE) – Italy Telephone: +39 0421 44222
Nursing Home “Rizzola” telephone: +39 0421 338428
E-mail: paolo.madeyski@tin.it


Reservations, installations, servicing:
Mr. Alfredo Scapin, Social cooperative Castel Monte onlus
Telephone: +39 348 2881914


If you want news of science based on the hyperbaric chamber and related disorders (ulcers and devitalized tissues of the legs) you can send an e-mail to Dr. Paolo Madeyski.