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Document of uniqueness of the ULCOSAN medical device

Document of uniqueness of the ULCOSAN medical device


ULCOSAN is a device used for treatment with oxygen of trophic injuries of the lower limbs.

This is a chamber that works in normobarism  but with a concentration of oxygen on a therapeutic basis.

It has a patent N. TV2007A000100 which covers the entire country.

The ULCOSAN brand name is registered

With Community Brand No 007086051 in classes 10 and 14

The owner of the patent and the Community brand


Dr Paolo Madeyski

ULCOSAN has the CE certification quality guarantee System  No MED 25025 by CERMET.

There is another device called VITOSAN which also works with topical oxygen but which does not have the same structural features.

In any case the Vitosan device was covered by a patent which still (until 2012) belongs to Dr Paolo Madeyski.

It is hereby declared therefore that ULCOSAN is and can be the only device with the characteristics described and registered.




In faith  

  Paolo Madeyski